Frequently Ask Questions


What does CIPEX do?

What happens at a play party?

What if I meet someone I know at a CIPEX function?

What does CIPEX do?

Monthly Munches in a semi-private location for members to come together in a non-threatening setting to meet and get to know each other. Sometimes we'll have structured discussions, other times we'll just mingle and chat over good food.

Dress code for munches--Dress the way you'd dress to go out with your family.  No overt fetish-wear, obvious collars, or leashes.  We're not out to non-consensually involve the public in our kink.

CIDD-Central Iowa Dinner & Discussion

One of DADG's well-respected and longtime members, Shawnee, hosts the monthly Central Iowa Dinner and Discussion that is held on the third Saturday of each month.  Date, time, location, and topic are always announced on the DADG e-mail list.

CIDD is a host-led, group discussion about topics pertinent to the BDSM community and lifestyle.

CIDD dress code is similar to that for munches and/or bar meets.  It is held in a semi-private location with the only outside people entering the room being establishment wait staff. 

What happens at a play party?

Play parties are just as social as munches, you’ll find a lot of time is spent in conversation and socialization.

Dress code for a play party includes:  fetish wear, nothing at all, your favorite jeans and T-shirt, or anything in-between.  There is no specific dress code for play parties we just ask that attendees wait to put on fetish wear until inside so as to avoid drawing unwanted attention to the group/event.  There is no sex allowed at play parties, no penetration with toys, fingers, or other body parts, oral sex is also prohibited.  

This is a chance to watch others play or even play yourself and let your exhibitionist side come out.  It is also an opportunity to learn; at many play parties there is either a demonstration or a discussion of a topic relevant to BDSM relationships and specific types of play.

There is no expectation that you have to play, you can choose to spend the night socializing and watching others play if you so desire.  If you see a toy or style of play that catches your interest, please respect the participants' space and wait until they're out of scene and aftercare to ask.  Most people are more than happy to show off their toys and talk about their favorite types of play.  Some will be more than happy to show you how to do a specific activity or give you pointers on how to make (or where to buy) a specific toy.

There are designated dungeon monitors who will be responsible throughout the night to make sure all play is consensual and safe.  All edge play should be cleared through a DM prior to beginning the scene.  If you see something that concerns you, or appears unsafe, tell a DM and let them handle it, do not attempt to interfere in a scene yourself.  Remember, things aren't always as they appear and a particular kink is not wrong just because it upsets you.  If you find a scene that upsets you, remove yourself from the area.

What if I meet someone I know at a CIPEX function?

We all know this is a small world and this does sometimes happen.  It may be momentarily embarrassing for both of you but remember, you're in the same place for the same reason.

This is one of the reasons we ask all of our members to respect everyone's privacy.  Don't mention names when talking about group functions you've attended, online or in person, unless you've been given express permission by the person(s) you want to talk about to do so.